Our Services

Employee Wellness

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink their way of working. Many are adopting a blended model of working from home and at the office. It was widely believed that the work-from-home experience would be more relaxed and less stressful and initially, it was.

Employees who worked from home were more productive owing to, reduced commuting between home and the office, reduced travelling to meetings and fewer distractions at the office.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations refers to a company’s endeavours to manage relationships between employers and employees. A company with a good employee relations plan or program, offers fair and consistent treatment to all employees so they will be committed to their jobs and be dedicated to the company. Such programs also aim to prevent and resolve problems arising from situations at work.


The goal of employee relations is to enhance relationships and collaboration in the workplace. Good leadership is one of the most important factors that attract potential employees and retain existing ones. A key focus point of employee relations is to assist line managers in truly connecting with their employees

Labour Relations

The following labour relations services are provided:

  • Labour legislation advice
  • CCMA/Bargaining Council representation and preparation
  • Manage and/or chair disciplinary hearings and investigations
  • Manage and/or chair grievances in the workplace
  • Manage retrenchment processes

HR Compliance & Advice

We ensure your company complies with the following legislation:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Workplace Skills Act
  • POPI Act

As labour legislation is amended, the following will be compiled, audited and maintained:

  • HR policies and procedures (including remote workers)
  • Employment contracts
  • HR forms and templates

Training and Development

  1. Labour relations: Provided to managers and employees, this training includes:
    • Understanding and application of relevant labour legislation
    • Presentation of company disciplinary and grievance policies and procedures to all employees, including senior management.
  2. Learnerships: Implementation and management of learnerships
  3. Equal Opportunity Awareness: This entails making people aware of all forms of discrimination, harassment, and unconscious bias, how to deal with it when or if it occurs, and more importantly, how to prevent it from happening in the workplace. The primary objective is to facilitate a harmonious working environment, which ultimately leads to enhanced productivity. Creating an awareness of unconscious bias empowers organisations to make mutually beneficial decisions for employees and the company, which in turn leads to improved staff retention, talent development and employee engagement.
  4. Ethics in the Workplace: This training deals with the definition of ethics, why ethics matter, ethical decision-making (for example, in recruitment and selection, among other areas), examples of ethical dilemmas, and the consequences of poor ethics.
  5. Good workplace ethics:
    • Create a trustworthy workplace;
    • Produce higher levels of individual and team accountability;
    • Encourage a culture of principled and moral decision-making;
    • Provide a platform for efficiency and productivity;
    • Avoid the need for excessive rules to do the right thing;
    • Create client confidence and loyalty;
    • Enhance company brand perception;
    • Eliminate high costs involved in ethic breaches;
    • Increase morale, loyalty and commitment of current staff
    • Attract future loyal staff;
    • Protect company assets by ensuring staff treat all assets with respect;
    • Align company values to individual values.

Employment Equity

The following will be accomplished in accordance with the Employment Equity Act (EE):

  • Compile an EE policy and plan
  • Establish and run an EE forum
  • Compile and maintain a profile of evidence file
  • Submit annual EE report to the Department of Labour

Skills Development

Skills development reporting (Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports) to relevant SETAs

General HR Solutions

General HR solutions are provided to further enhance organisational development

  • Talent management in respect of onboarding, motivating, engaging, and retaining high-performing employees. It is geared to creating an employee experience which ensures they feel valued, supported, and impacts positively on growth revenue and helps to shape overall strategy.
  • Compile, audit and maintain an onboarding and induction procedure
  • Compilation and maintenance of job descriptions/profiles
  • Provide advice on leave management best practices.
  • Development of a values-based work environment and embedding a positive and productive work culture
  • Arrange and manage employee engagement and culture surveys
  • Implement employee probation evaluations
  • Conduct exit and stay interviews
  • Assist with the creation and maintenance of a positive employer-employee relationship.
  • Compile and implement employee engagement strategies
  • Assist with conflict management
  • Compile and implement an employee wellness strategy
  • Assist with HR administration
  • Compile HR reports
  • Provide expert HR advice